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 The Soul's Massage

The Soul's Massage is a delicate mixture of Reiki with some massage. It works on a many different level. Not only does the touch help the physical body, but it enters into the level of the subtle bodies, the soul. If you need to fully relax... mind, body and soul, this is the service for you. This service is different for everyone, so a detailed description is impossible. Please discuss your needs and goals with the practitioner.

$45/ hour cash price or $60 hour credit price
Any after hour request are an additional $30 

Sponge Bath

Add a refreshing sponge bath to send you back out into the world.

$15 addition to any service

 Chakra Balancing with Standard Reiki
All Reiki services include:

A pendulum reading of your Chakras before and after session
Usui System Based Reiki
Information and counseling on self maintenance

$1 per minute


Personalize Me Reiki     

Sessions include:

A pendulum reading of your Chakras before and after session. 

An educational overview of your Chakras and how they effect you. Usually takes about 45 mins. of your time.

One full hour of Complete Sensory Reiki, Usui System Based and a My assistance by email or phone for future questions or concerns. Scalp Massage, Facial and Foot Massage. 

Two free Meditation Education Classes for additional support  and education on maintaining open Chakras

Yours to take home:

A CD, carefully picked to accommodate your personal preferences and objectives.

A scent especially made for you and your objectives.  

A pamphlet on Manifesting and any additional info pamphlets needed to keep your chakras  flowing freely.

A hand picked and personally charged Healing Crystal.   

A journal to help you document your progress of healing.

These extras will help you maintain your newly balanced energies and to ensure your desire results.

*Note: Any desire or request for Bliss Focused Reiki treatment falls in this category as extra discussion, clarity and information for your objectives will be necessary.

Note: please read section about Meditation/Chakras as we will be working on these during your session.

$100 per session- approximately 105 minutes

Any after hour request are an additional $30 and must be booked by staff member.

 There is no Erotic Happy Endings.

By Appointment only.  Call  978-677-9719

Please leave a message.  We want to work with you.

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